Lori lost over 21 lbs and 10% body fat!

What motivated you to make a change?

Two aspects of my life inspired me to lose weight and get in better shape... One is medical; the other is personal. There are cardiovascular and other diseases in my family history, so the better I take care of myself the less likely I will experience these debilitating and potentially fatal conditions. That doesn’t even count common aging problems like arthritis and back aches. On a more personal level, I was not happy with what I saw in the mirror or in photographs. For no one else but myself, I wanted to look better and fit back into the size clothes I owned before I had children!

When did you start noticing results and how did you track your results?

Within the first month of attending 2-3 sessions per week, I noticed some muscle definition and the ability to sustain a run for longer. The real changes came when I entered my first weight loss contest. Competition has always spurred me to greater efforts, and I lost a significant amount of weight as well as felt great.

What changes did you make?

Changes included different food and decreased portions of food. Cutting out many carbohydrate-rich foods and trading them in for higher protein was a big help. I tracked calories, fat, carbs and protein. I also made more of an effort not only to walk my dog every day but do it for longer periods of time.

How does it feel to be more physically fit and what are some of your achievements?

I have more confidence about being out in public, and overall feel better both physically and mentally. I can now run a 5K in 35 minutes, and hold a plank for 3-4 minutes.

What are some tips you would give someone trying to lose weight?

Trust Jon! He knows what he is talking about. The guidelines he gave me worked, but it was up to me stick to it. I need the regimen: counting calories, daily water intake, 30 minute minimum activity, and 10,000 steps. But I also took a break once a week, had that piece of chocolate or bread and butter. The results were clear, and by losing the weight and gaining muscle it was self-rewarding. All I had to do was step on the scale or look in the mirror or find the pants I had to pour into were now loose!

What is your current nutrition plan and what nutrition plan works best for you?

I have added some calories to maintain rather than lose weight. If I gain too much I need to go back to the calorie count, step count, daily activity log and water intake log. This really works best for me. A contest now and then really ramps up my commitment.

What is your current fitness plan and what fitness plan works best
for your goals?

I like working out 3 times a week. Every other day is ideal to give myself a rest day in between, but if that is not available I take what classes I can. I also walk my dog almost every day, and take stairs instead of an elevator!

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Holiday Survivor Transformation Contest

2017 Holiday Survivor Transformation Contest
Final Results


1) Phyrephly / -11.04%
2) Runny Babbit / -9.22%
3) Fredpickle / -4.37%
4) York / -4.26%
5) Bri / -4.14%
6) MAZ / -3.23%
7) Maverick / -1.68%
8) MBW / -0.51%
9) K-Wil / -0.47%
10) Bubcia / -0.29%


1) PhyrePhly
1) Runny Babbit
1) York
2) Mbw
3) Bri
4) Black Irish
5) Maverick

Congratulations to the winners of the 2017 Holiday Survivor Transformation Contest! This year the total CASH PRIZE was $285 for the 19 competitors in the contest!

This year the winner for the highest % body weight lost was…. Phyrephly (Lori G.) She lost a total of 11.04% Body weight in only 8 WEEKS! Amazing job Lori you exceeded all your goals!

This year there was a three way tie for the Most Fitness Points earned throughout the contest, these contestants went 100% this year and hit all points necessary throughout the contest! This means 7 days a week for 8 weeks they drank a minimum of 64oz of water, did a minimum of 10,000 steps, 30min of exercise and tracked their food everyday as well... Amazing!! The winners for the Most Fitness Points are….. Phrephly (Lori G.) Runny Babbit (Emily K.) & York (Tracey W.).

I also wanted to give everyone a shout out who finished the contest this year, this was one of the most competitive contests yet and the results speak for themselves! Thank you to everyone who participated - you all did great!