Erika lost 39 lbs and kept it off for four years!

What motivated you to make a change?

The motivation for my change was my upcoming wedding. I have been married for four years and have been able to keep the weight off! Before becoming engaged, I had put on quite a significant amount of weight. I was very unhappy with trying to find a workout routine and diet that would help. My wedding was the motivation I needed to find help and get on track. I had one year to get into better shape, and more importantly, better health.

When did you start noticing results and how did you track your results?

After being in Jon’s Boot Camp class, I started to notice results after a few weeks. I saw the weight decrease on the scale and I could feel my clothes starting to become loose. I was also starting to have some of my coworkers ask me if I was losing weight. I knew I was on the path to success when people could start to see a positive change.

I tracked my results with Jon. He kept records of my weight loss. Using, I was able to track my daily food intake. SparkPeople was a great online tool that helped me to see the foods I was eating and what improvements I needed to make with my diet. It became easy to plan my meals around my nutrition goals such as increasing my protein and decreasing my carbohydrates.

What changes did you make?

A change I made was that I put more effort into my daily workouts. I used to think that I could do just thirty minutes on the elliptical machine and be fine. I learned that I had to challenge myself to work harder and stronger. I made sure that I rotated using different machines and for each machine I had different goals. The stairmaster, I would try to see how many floors I could get in ten minutes, and then try to break that record the following week. The treadmill was focused on intervals, running for a certain amount of time, followed by a short walking pace.

The biggest change was my diet. I started to look at food as fuel and not something to just eat. I changed my snacking habits and incorporated lean, healthy proteins into my diet. I also got serious about having protein after each workout to help with muscle strength. My grocery lists were more thought out when it came to planning weekly meals. I loved to be able to look at recipes to make healthy changes by finding ways to lower the calories and adding in more nutrient-based options. Ground beef was substituted with ground turkey, lower sodium options were always the first choice, and I started to make my own pasta sauce instead of buying a jar, (although pasta was greatly decreased from being eaten twice a week to about twice a month). I’ve always enjoyed food, but I found I was enjoying being smart about what I was eating more.

How does it feel to be more physically fit and what are some of your achievements?

It feels some much better to be physically fit. I find that I have more confidence in myself to do things I would not have done before such as walking into the gym weight room and not feeling intimidated or out of place. My biggest achievement is being more healthy now than when I was in high school. My mile run is under ten minutes and I fit into pants that are four sizes smaller than what I wore in high school.

My biggest achievement was reaching my weight loss goal before my wedding. I felt beautiful and confident in my wedding dress. I felt comfortable in my own skin and that is something that will always make me feel proud. I had worked hard for a year and my success shined through in every photo.

What are some tips you would give someone trying to lose weight?

My biggest tip would be to set realistic goals. I gave myself a whole year to lose weight and I made my goal. I was able to give myself time to adjust to a new workout routine and a new diet. My body was able to adjust to the weight loss over a gradual time instead of being too much, too soon. Know that you are going to have good days and bad days and that your good days will always be better than your bad days. You might have a slip-up now and then, but that does not mean you should give up. Always try your best and be honest with yourself. If you leave the gym feeling like you barely did anything, you need to ask yourself if you are actually trying. If you eat well during the week, but let yourself go on the weekends you need to rethink your approach. A goal to get healthy is not something that can be achieved overnight, it is a lifestyle change that you need to work on every day.

What is your current nutrition plan and what nutrition plan works best for you?

My current nutrition plan is to eat more protein and less carbohydrates. This is the plan that has worked the best for me. I start each day with a protein rich breakfast such as a greek yogurt, peanut butter on whole wheat toast, or eggs. My mid-morning snack usually consists of fruit mixed with peanut butter or dried soybeans. I make sure though that I do not eat peanut butter twice in one day because of its fat contents. Lunch is chicken in a whole wheat wrap, sometimes with hummus or I toss the chicken with a salad. I long ago gave up chips as a lunch side and replaced them with sliced cucumbers, tomatoes, or bell peppers. Dinners are always varied and include lots of vegetables and lean protein usually from chicken or ground turkey. has great recipes that are easy to follow and can be modified if needed.

What is your current fitness plan and what fitness plan works best for your goals?

My current fitness plan is a combination of cardio and strength training. I am working on increasing the amount of distance I can run and the amount of time I can run. It has been an interesting challenge to find a good speed for running that will help me to improve my time, while increasing my distance. I found that I can do sprints quite well, but my area of needed improvement is keeping a good pace for a good amount of time. I like the satisfaction of beating my running goals. Strength training has helped me to maintain muscle while burning fat. I like being able to increase the amount of weight I can lift along with the amount of reps.

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Holiday Survivor Transformation Contest

2017 Holiday Survivor Transformation Contest
Final Results


1) Phyrephly / -11.04%
2) Runny Babbit / -9.22%
3) Fredpickle / -4.37%
4) York / -4.26%
5) Bri / -4.14%
6) MAZ / -3.23%
7) Maverick / -1.68%
8) MBW / -0.51%
9) K-Wil / -0.47%
10) Bubcia / -0.29%


1) PhyrePhly
1) Runny Babbit
1) York
2) Mbw
3) Bri
4) Black Irish
5) Maverick

Congratulations to the winners of the 2017 Holiday Survivor Transformation Contest! This year the total CASH PRIZE was $285 for the 19 competitors in the contest!

This year the winner for the highest % body weight lost was…. Phyrephly (Lori G.) She lost a total of 11.04% Body weight in only 8 WEEKS! Amazing job Lori you exceeded all your goals!

This year there was a three way tie for the Most Fitness Points earned throughout the contest, these contestants went 100% this year and hit all points necessary throughout the contest! This means 7 days a week for 8 weeks they drank a minimum of 64oz of water, did a minimum of 10,000 steps, 30min of exercise and tracked their food everyday as well... Amazing!! The winners for the Most Fitness Points are….. Phrephly (Lori G.) Runny Babbit (Emily K.) & York (Tracey W.).

I also wanted to give everyone a shout out who finished the contest this year, this was one of the most competitive contests yet and the results speak for themselves! Thank you to everyone who participated - you all did great!