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Jump Start Package Description

First session

During your 1st session you will meet privately with your Nutrition Coach. We will begin your session with a Weigh-In and Body Composition Test which calculates Lean Mass and Fat Mass. Based on the results of this test we are able to determine your Target Weight Range (healthy weight for you to be) and Resting Metabolic Rate. We will then use this information to come up with custom Macronutrient goals (Carbs, Fats, and Proteins) and set you up with an online food tracker with your custom goals entered into the tracker. With all of this information we will then discuss your long-term goals and your goals for this program. Your next nutrition coaching session will then be scheduled 1-3 Weeks out to give you time to start tracking your calories and macronutrients. During this time a Nutrition Coach will be checking in with you and checking your food logs throughout the week to keep you accountable.


Second session

During your 2nd session you will start with a weigh-in and then will be going over the foods you have consumed for the last 1-3 Weeks. You will then be working alongside with your Nutrition Coach on your daily food plans to make better choices to help you reach your goals. This may include substitutions for foods, recipes, and times when foods are consumed. During our sessions we only like to work on a few things at a time to give you achievable smaller goals that will lead to long lasting lifestyle changes. At this time you will then be scheduled for your 3rd Session, 1-3 Weeks out.


Third session

The 3rd Session will start with another weigh-in to see how your progress is. From here we review and fine tune your food plan as necessary. Changes may include substitutions for foods, recipes, and times when foods are consumed. We may also include some alternative lifestyle, behavioral and exercise recommendations to help you further progress. After this session we will schedule your Re-Evaluation Session 1-3 Weeks out.


Re-evaluation session

During the Re-Evaluation Session we will do a full evaluation including your weight and Body Composition test. This session will last 15-30 Min and we will discuss how everything is going in relation to your progress with food, exercise, lifestyle and heath. If further Coaching is needed we will then recommend our Maintenance plan which includes a Nutrition Coach monitoring your food each week along with a 1hr 1on1 Nutrition Coaching Session once a month. It is our mission to help you reach your health and fitness goals and support you every step of the way!



Nutrition coaching packages

Jump Start Package

Cost: $140


Our customized individual nutrition coaching sessions include:

  • Three (3) 60-min 1-on-1 nutrition coaching sessions
  • One (1) re-evaluation session
  • Two (2) body composition tests
  • Weekly check-in with your nutrition coach
  • Lifestyle recommendations
  • Behavioral recommendations
  • Exercise recommendations
EFT Package

This package includes daily check-ins and a 60-min 1-on-1 session once per month.

  • One month commitment: $75/month
  • Three-month commitment: $65/month
  • Single nutrition coaching session: $70

Jon Tobey, Certified Trainer
Jon Tobey

NESTA-certified fitness nutrition coach

Jon Tobey, Certified Trainer
Sandi Piaseki

Bachelor of Science (BS) in Nutrition




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Holiday Survivor Transformation Contest

2017 Holiday Survivor Transformation Contest
Final Results


1) Phyrephly / -11.04%
2) Runny Babbit / -9.22%
3) Fredpickle / -4.37%
4) York / -4.26%
5) Bri / -4.14%
6) MAZ / -3.23%
7) Maverick / -1.68%
8) MBW / -0.51%
9) K-Wil / -0.47%
10) Bubcia / -0.29%


1) PhyrePhly
1) Runny Babbit
1) York
2) Mbw
3) Bri
4) Black Irish
5) Maverick

Congratulations to the winners of the 2017 Holiday Survivor Transformation Contest! This year the total CASH PRIZE was $285 for the 19 competitors in the contest!

This year the winner for the highest % body weight lost was…. Phyrephly (Lori G.) She lost a total of 11.04% Body weight in only 8 WEEKS! Amazing job Lori you exceeded all your goals!

This year there was a three way tie for the Most Fitness Points earned throughout the contest, these contestants went 100% this year and hit all points necessary throughout the contest! This means 7 days a week for 8 weeks they drank a minimum of 64oz of water, did a minimum of 10,000 steps, 30min of exercise and tracked their food everyday as well... Amazing!! The winners for the Most Fitness Points are….. Phrephly (Lori G.) Runny Babbit (Emily K.) & York (Tracey W.).

I also wanted to give everyone a shout out who finished the contest this year, this was one of the most competitive contests yet and the results speak for themselves! Thank you to everyone who participated - you all did great!